A professional will is a document used by professionals that have confidentiality relationships with their clients (mental health providers, accountants, attorneys, etc.) to outline how the closing of a practice should be handled in the event of certain unexpected life events. 
At death, incapacity, or other unexpected circumstances; a professional will is provided to a qualified individual (within your field) that directs them (but not limited to):
  • Contact clients to inform them of the event; 
  • Help clients seek alternative service options; or 
  • Terminate with clients (in a way you would have done); 
  • Secure records storage, distribution, and disposal; 
  • Contact professional peers; 
  • Close out any paid professional accounts (AVVO, Psychology Today, LinkedIn etc.);
  • Close out any membership affiliations (National Association of Social Workers; American Psychological Association, Texas Bar Association etc.)
  • ...and a whole lot more
BEING A RESPONSIBLE PROFESSIONAL often requires us to care for our clients; uphold our duty to confidentiality, and provide continuum's of service for them even after we lose the ability to perform those duties ourselves. A professional will can ensure valuable information is passed along to a qualified individual; directing them on how best to close out your responsibilities to your clients. 
MANY PROFESSIONS ONLY ALLOW QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS ACCESS TO CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT INFORMATION; and as such, the Executor of your personal estate may not have legal access to client-records. 
ITS JUST GOOD ESTATE PLANNING for professionals who would want their practice to be closed-down with the kind of precision, expertise, and compassion that it took to build it in the first place. 
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